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Communications Planning
6 minutes read

Desk-Net is a content planning software that works, at its core, as a content calendar. Yet, as businesses are quickly finding out, Desk-Net and other software solutions like it are altogether redefining content management and organization.

Here is the lowdown on what content calendars are and how this interpretable tool can become a priceless addition to your content creation system.

What is a content calendar?

A content calendar, or editorial calendar, is a task-based organization tool. Since content is such a vital part of marketing, companies use a content calendar to organize their posts and the tasks incorporated in creating and publishing those posts.

However, some content calendars, like Desk-Net, offer so much more than just a content calendar. The Desk-Net software can completely recreate your content creation system from start to finish making it easier to collaborate and reducing the chance of errors.

Why your communications department needs a content calendar tool

There is a wide range of content calendar tools available, and it is easy, even for a large company, to be overwhelmed by the offerings. However, what makes a content calendar tool so invaluable is that it unifies all of your content tasks, deadlines, publishing dates, and teammates to offer a continual cycle of results.

These are only a few of the offerings you should expect to see in any proper content calendar tool:


With a content calendar tool, you can organize tasks, plans, and team members to work collaboratively. You can give everyone their specified roles and deadlines, all in one place.

Typically, there is even a convenient color-coding system that makes this process even more comfortable for your teammates and contractors so they’re never left guessing about what they should work on next.


When everyone knows exactly what they are doing and what they need to have done, your content system will run smoothly. When this system can run smoothly, your team will automatically maintain content consistency in terms of both quality and quantity.

Plus, content calendar tools often allow you the freedom to schedule posts in advance by up to a year. This ensures you always know exactly what is going out on what date, so you can remain relevant during constantly changing times.


Everyone likes to know their workload in as far in advance as possible. It helps them schedule out their vacations and other responsibilities without any interruptions to their overall workflow.

Therefore, the ability to color-code and organize deadlines weeks and months in advance helps clarify their exact responsibilities and keep the content machine moving forward.

 Why your communications team needs a content calendar

The difference between content calendar spreadsheets and content calendar tools

True, there are ways to create content calendars through spreadsheets, but they are inevitably clunky and challenging to use.

With dedicated content calendar tools, you have software explicitly created to streamline your content creation productivity. The benefits of a content calendar tool versus a content calendar spreadsheet include:

  • Saving time
  • Easy collaboration between all team members
  • Simple integrations into all of your systems
  • Staying organized at all times

You can also check out our article on the benefits of a content calendar tool over a content calendar spreadsheet for a more comprehensive list.

Why Desk-Net?

While there are also other content calendars on the market, Desk-Net offers unique solutions because of its capability to reach beyond the scope of any other content calendar. With Desk-Net, you can tell your story over multiple platforms with fluidity and efficiency that is unmatched in the current market.

Here are just a few of the specialized features that you will find exclusively with Desk-Net:

  • Assign a single story to multiple platforms, so you can easily keep an overview of performance throughout each platform.
  • Convenience in your organization through various sorting filters and the unique saved views feature.
  • Advanced features such as multiple parallel tasks assigned to stories help team members work on their part of the same project seamlessly and without interrupting or distraction.
  • Stories displayed per topic, campaign, month, quarter, or even year.
  • An overview of who is working on what through the Availability Pages feature.
  • Seamless integration with almost any CMS (Content Management Systems). You can even integrate it into more than one CMS at a time.

In summation, utilizing a content calendar tool like Desk-Net is a comprehensive way to revolutionize your company’s productivity.

Admittedly, content creation has many moving parts, especially for a mid, large, or global company. Therefore, Desk-Net works with your company to keep your content planning system cranking like a well-oiled machine.

Book a demo or start your 30-day free trial now and find out what Desk-Net can do for you today!