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Editorial Days
3 minutes read
Matthias Kretschmer, Desk-Net, Trends in Content Planning

Matthias Kretschmer, CEO of Desk-Net, recently delivered an insightful presentation on the changing dynamics of content planning. His talk sheds light on three emerging trends that are changing the way we approach content planning and coordination.   

In this blog post, we'll provide a summary of Matthias' presentation, and we invite you to watch the full recording of the presentation which you can find below. 

1. Metadata: From Operational to Strategic Planning 

Traditionally, content planning relied heavily on operational data such as event details, publication dates, and locations.  

However, Matthias emphasizes the shift towards utilizing metadata as a strategic planning tool. This includes factors like understanding audience preferences, addressing user needs, and focusing on relevant topics.  

By incorporating metadata into the planning process, organizations can ensure they deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time. 

2. Structured Approach: Moving Beyond Ad Hoc Publishing 

Gone are the days of haphazard publishing. Matthias highlights the importance of adopting a structured approach to content planning.  

This involves assigning specific time slots for different types of content, ensuring a balanced and engaging content mix. By structuring their content schedules, newsrooms gain a clearer overview of what they have and, equally importantly, what they lack.  

Recognizing content gaps enables proactive planning and enhances overall content strategy. 

3. Forward Quantification: Planning with Precision 

In a forward-looking approach, content planners are starting to shift towards quantifying their goals rather than relying on vague aspirations.  

Rather than saying "We need more video content," the focus is on quantifying the desired outcomes, such as "publishing 20 videos per week." By setting concrete targets, newsrooms can track their progress in real-time and make data-driven adjustments to achieve their goals.  

Matthias highlights the need for dedicated statistics and analytics tools that enable content coordinators to stay on top of their targets and identify any gaps that need to be filled. 

Matthias’ presentation unveils three transformative trends in content planning: leveraging metadata, adopting a structured approach, and implementing forward quantification. 

As content creators and planners, these trends offer valuable insights into enhancing strategy and improving overall content delivery for newsrooms.  

Prepare to unlock the future of content planning and gain a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving landscape. Watch a recording of the presentation now: