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Editorial Days
2 minutes read
Lukas Görög at Editorial Days ChatGPT case study in newsrooms

Watch this recorded presentation hosted by Lukas Görög to gain an in-depth understanding of the rapid progress of AI technology, particularly the emergence of ChatGPT and its applications in the past six months.  

In this video presentation, you will discover:  

  • The recent developments in AI technology, particularly ChatGPT, over the last six months. 
  • The potential applications of ChatGPT in various industries. 
  • The risks associated with AI technology, such as the creation of false images. 
  • How ChatGPT can contribute to improving efficiency and content quality in journalism and marketing. 
  • Specific use cases of ChatGPT in ideation and research, writing stories, and social media distribution. 
  • The utilization of prompts and prompt generators to streamline the content creation process. 
  • A demo of an AI picture server implemented at Die Presse, showcasing automated image generation for different topics.  

Lukas Görög, an AI strategist at the AI consultancy Predictea Digital Care, will present his extensive involvement in AI projects. He will discuss his notable contributions, such as developing AI personas, implementing prompts, and creating a prompt generator. Additionally, he will provide insights into the experimental venture called Newspaper GPT, which aims to construct a newspaper by scraping the media landscape.  

Don't miss this informative event as Lukas Görög takes you on a journey to explore the ever-changing AI technology, revealing its potential and inspiring new horizons. Watch the recording now: