Manage content in the StiboDX CUE content management publishing system while keeping track of overall planning and progress on Desk-Net.

Desk-Net to CUE

Stories planned in Desk-Net create content items on the CUE CMS

Initial task planning begins in Desk-Net. When a story and its tasks are created here, a placeholder content item is automatically generated in CUE. The content item and task are linked and synchronized between the two systems, so work performed on CUE is updated on Desk-Net.
This integration allows an editor to keep track of overall progress in Desk-Net, while team members perform the content management in CUE.

Cue Integration
Cue Integration

CUE to Desk-Net

Progress made to content on the CUE CMS is sent back to Desk-Net

The content management takes place on the CUE publishing platform. As work is performed on content items in CUE, data is automatically updated to the corresponding story or task on Desk-Net.
Editors can rest easy, knowing that their content planning platform is just as up to date as the actual content being created.

Next Steps

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The integration between StiboDX CUE and Desk-Net is already in use in several newsrooms. Contact us now to learn more about this and other integrations for the content planning tool.

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