Send content and story metadata from Desk-Net to Sprylab’s Purple Hub (and vice-versa) with this integration.

Desk-Net to Purple

Content planned in Desk-Net is automatically sent to Purple

With the Desk-Net to Purple integration, editorial departments can plan and automate their content production onto the Purple digital publishing platform.

When a story is planned on Desk-Net, it is automatically created as a post in the Purple content management system. Associated metadata — such as publication status, target audience and scheduled date — is also sent to Purple, helping editors manage the complexities of their content planning. Plus, any changes to the story or data on Desk-Net are synchronized and updated on Purple.

Purple integration
Purple Integration

Purple to Desk-Net

Send stories and data from Purple Hub to Desk-Net

Keep your content up to date on both Desk-Net and Purple with the integration. Stories and metadata originating on the Purple digital publishing platform are automatically sent back to Desk-Net, so you can be sure your planning tool is just as current and accurate as what’s published on your website.

And just like with content planned on Desk-Net, any updates made on the Purple CMS are continuously synchronized.

Content delivery to Purple

Let your freelancers deliver content to Purple via Desk-Net

Want your freelancers to upload content, but don’t want to give out full access to your Purple account? With the Desk-Net integration, assignments sent to your writers include a link to an upload page.

Then, when a story’s content is uploaded, it’s sent straight to Purple, allowing you to receive freelancer content in a structured way, while also maintaining control over your CMS.   

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