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01 - Landing - EN - Editorial Calendar Software
01 - Landing - EN - Editorial Calendar Software
01 - Landing - EN - Editorial Calendar Software
01 - Landing - EN - Editorial Calendar Software

01 - Section - Story Planning: Various Channels

Editorial Planning Across Every Channel

Today’s newsrooms and editorial departments face the challenge of planning content across a variety of digital and print channels.

Even the tiniest problems are magnified and multiplied by the number of channels on which you have to publish.

Desk-Net is the editorial calendar tool of choice for mid-size to large editorial teams seeking to become more organized and efficient in planning and managing content across every platform.

01 - Section - Story Planning: Story lists

Manage and Review Your Editorial Calendar

Planning today's digital content? Next week's blog series?

Is your photographer trying to find upcoming stories with photo requests?

Desk-Net offers a range of flexible views, filters and sorting options so you and your team have complete control over which stories you see.

Need to use a specific combination of filters and views over and over? Simply save your views for reuse and save yourself the trouble.

01 - Section - Story box in detail

Stay in Control of what's Happening to a Story

You have immediate access to the most important information related to a story right in the story lists.

Has it been published? For what date and time is the story scheduled? What tasks are associated with this story and who is assigned to it?

It's all right there in the story box.

01 - Section - Story Planning: Grouping Stories

Group Content by Topic

Many stories are part of a single topic, such as an election, a football team or a royal wedding.

Editorial calendar Desk-Net makes it easy to group these stories with hashtags so you can stay organized.

This allows you to keep an eye on what's planned for a specific topic, and what’s already been published.

01 - Section - Task Management

Assign Tasks and Track Progress

Task management is the key to making sure the job gets done on time.

Desk-Net allows you to track and manage assignments across any number of roles and teams.

Desk-Net also makes it easy to send assignments. Send a new assignment to anyone — they can instantly accept or decline your request so you don’t lose any time wondering who’s going to take care of that task.

01 - Section - Integrations

Connect to WordPress, Drupal, Slack and More

Connect Desk-Net to your CMS and let data flow in both directions.

Your CMS will automatically set up posts based on story data from Desk-Net. And any changes made in your CMS will sync back to your editorial calendar tool.

This means you can avoid double-work and keep your story data consistent without any extra effort.

Desk-Net offers out-of-the box integrations with WordPress and Drupal as well as other tools like Slack and Outlook calendar.

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