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Editorial Days
4 minutes read
AI Strategist Lukas Görög on the Future of Newsrooms

At Editorial Days 2023, Predictea Digital Care's AI Strategist Lukas Görög will be discussing the utilization of AI in the newsroom to increase productivity, and save time and resources.  

We recently caught up with him to discover more about the potential effects AI could have on the news industry and how it can create monetary worth. We'll also briefly touch on the potential effects AI could have on the news industry, including the spread of misinformation and concerns about privacy and copyright. 

Görög believes that the news sector should not try to fight AI but instead learn to use it to cultivate value. "AI is like fire: it can either burn you or cook something for you," said Görög. "It is essential to recognize that growth comes only when we step out of our comfort zones. Although AI may appear intimidating, it is a required change that we must learn to work with." 

ChatGPT is developing exponentially and will continue to do so in the coming 12 months, said Görög. He added, "AI is spreading unconsciously, and we will see this with ChatGPT or AI in general, which will be a hot topic during sales calls and presentations.  

AI will be implemented in products, and we will notice it in the systems we are using. However, classical industries may be hesitant to embrace AI, and there may be a lack of understanding of what the technology can do." 

Görög also believes that some news media organizations that are impression-driven are extensively using AI to create content that looks good and generates page impressions, even if the content is not entirely accurate. He also believes that publications based on hard facts such as technology or Bitcoin could benefit from AI-generated content.  

"When it comes to AI-generated content, I think newspapers focused on bitcoin, tech, and startups will use it more because it tends to be more about factual information. However, those focused on political, abstract, and economic news may have less AI-generated content." 

"For newspapers that do use AI-generated content, it's important to use a byline so that readers know when the content is generated by AI. This helps maintain transparency and credibility," said Görög. 

 "While I do see the potential for newspapers that use AI-generated content as part of their business model, I also believe that it's important to be cautious. AI is powerful and can have negative consequences on our democracy if not regulated properly. We need legislation to ensure that politics and other important topics are written by humans, and not solely by AI algorithms." 

The implementation of AI in newsrooms will create monetary value, but there are challenges to overcome, such as the spread of misinformation and issues with privacy and copyright. Nevertheless, the potential for AI in newsrooms is exciting, and it is important for the industry to embrace this change and learn to use AI to its fullest potential. 

Lukas will be speaking about the impacts of AI in the newsroom at our Editorial Days 2023, where he will be presenting about the different ways in which newsrooms teams can use AI applications such as ChatGPT to streamline data and how they can quickly see results with the implementation of AI. 

Watch the presentation Lukas gave at our Editorial Days 2023 by clicking here.