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Feature Announcement
2 minutes read
Desk-Net Introduces Undated Stories for Effective Content Planning

Desk-Net's Undated Stories in the Story List is a tool that can help news organizations plan more effective content.

This addition to our platform simplifies content planning for editors by presenting both scheduled and undated stories on a single page, making editorial tasks  more efficient  and organized. 
This integrated view eliminates the need to toggle between various views. By having scheduled and undated stories readily accessible in one place, editors can effectively strategize, prioritize, and allocate resources, ensuring a more streamlined and organized approach to content creation and publication.

How Undated Stories Can Assist Editors

•    Simplifies content planning  by providing a single-page view of scheduled and undated stories.
•    Enables editors to easily organize and prioritize content without the need for extensive navigation.
•    Enhances overall organization and reduces the risk of overlooking important content.
Undated Stories serves as a valuable tool for editors who want to plan content effectively . Its streamlined approach allows for efficient content planning and prioritization, ultimately contributing to a more structured editorial workflow.

Please refer to our support article for Undated Stories