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Feature Announcement
5 minutes read
Communications marketing campaign planning - topic page in Desk-Net 2021-01-07

This year, Desk-Net will undergo one of the biggest developments in its now 15-year career. 

And it was about time.  

Over the last years, we have spent countless working days in the background replacing various outdated tools and processes or introducing completely new ones. New analysis tools, for example, ensure a noticeably more stable Desk-Net. 

But one of the biggest chunks we did not touch for various reasons: The technical framework on which Desk-Net's user interface runs because its replacement costs time. A lot of time. 

But it must be done sometime.  

And 2021 is the year when it will happen.

Desk-Net new story list - high 2021 2021-06-26

At least for users, because admins already have access to some already migrated pages like the Status page

The beauty of it is that replacing the technical framework allows us to replace the user interface simultaneously.  

And so, our users can look forward to a fundamentally revised Desk-Net in the course of 2021. 

This undertaking will keep us busy until the middle of the year and, for some pages, even longer. 

Nevertheless, we will start the next phase in the development of Desk-Net around summer: Desk-Net will support workflows much more extensively and comfortably than before.  

Desk-Net new story board - high 2021 2021-06-26

The new user interface of Desk-Net 

The technical framework's replacement is reason enough for the migration because this new framework (Angular) will allow us to develop Desk-Net much faster and easier.  

Especially improvements of the user interface will be much easier to implement. 

Persona target group campaign planning list 2021-01-07

Goals of the redesign 

When designing the new user interface, we were guided by the following objectives: 

  • Significantly simplify frequently used actions such as sorting lists, removing entries, etc. 
  • Standardization and extension of filter, sort, and export options across different pages 
  • A more intuitive and clearer visual layout of Desk-Net 
  • Simplified navigation 

And at the same time, we try not to overload the migration process with thousands of ideas and requests for the new pages. Then we would not be ready in years. 

Content calendar entry form 2021-01-07

Here's how we're implementing the migration process in 2021 

The migration process has already started at the end of 2019 because such an undertaking requires a well-planned approach. 

Before launching the first site on the new framework, significant preparatory work needs to be done at deeper levels. 

But in the summer of 2020, the time had finally come: the first pages in the admin area went live. Since then, new ones have followed every few weeks. 

In spring 2021, the next big step will follow: The first pages for users will go live. And this will be done roughly in the following steps: 

  • Topics (July/August) 
  • Story Lists 
  • Story input mask  
  • Dashboard 
  • Tasks 
  • My Schedule 

We expect to have revised these pages and possibly a few more by summer 2021. 

All other, somewhat less heavily used pages will then follow. 

content calendar persona display 2021-01-07

Enhanced workflow support in editorial and PR 

Today, our users can map various workflows via different status levels per story, channel, or task, as well as via other features. 

However, as our customers' workflows become more complex, the demands on Desk-Net increase, which we want to meet more from around mid-2021. 

Currently, it is too early to communicate the exact plans, but the following features will be implemented gradually between 2021 and summer 2022: 

  • Story templates 
  • Topic/campaign templates 

These templates will enable faster and more standardized workflows. 

  • Multi-step task workflows: Currently, you can assign a task such as "Create Image" to individuals. Then it can be manually assigned to additional users. We will allow you to define multi-step workflows that can then be cycled through from user to user with just a few clicks.  
  • Comments: When going through the multi-level workflows, users will be able to leave comments for the following users. 

This allows you to run through workflows efficiently and in a standardized way for text, image, or video creation. 

Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding our roadmap? Then we look forward to receiving your feedback at support@desk-net.com