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Feature Announcement
5 minutes read
Communications marketing campaign planning - topic page in Desk-Net 2021-01-07

Desk-Net is undergoing a major transformation! Over the past few years, we've been diligently replacing outdated tools and processes with new ones, including stability-enhancing analysis tools.

One key area we haven't tackled yet, due to its complexity, is the technical framework powering Desk-Net's user interface. However, this update is essential for future development, so we're taking the leap!

New Desk-Net story list

At least for users, because admins already had access to some already migrated pages like the Status page

The beauty of it is that replacing the technical framework allows us to replace the user interface simultaneously.  

And so, our users can look forward to a fundamentally revised Desk-Net. 

Nevertheless, we have started the next phase in the development of Desk-Net and will support workflows much more extensively and comfortably than before.  

Desk-Net new story board

The User Interface Gets a Modern Makeover

The technical foundation behind Desk-Net's user interface is being updated. This move to a new framework (Angular) isn't just about keeping things current; it will allow us to develop Desk-Net much faster and more efficiently. This translates to quicker implementation of improvements for the user interface, making your Desk-Net experience even better!

Campaign, Persona, and Target group planning with Desk-Net

Focus on User Experience:

Our goal for the redesigned user interface is to make your daily tasks in Desk-Net easier and more efficient. Here's what we're focusing on:

  • Simplified Actions: We're streamlining commonly used actions like sorting lists and removing entries, making them quicker and more intuitive.
  • Consistent Controls: Filtering, sorting, and exporting will be standardized across different pages, so you'll always know where to find the options you need.
  • Clearer View: The visual layout of Desk-Net is getting a refresh, making it easier to navigate and understand the information at a glance.
  • Streamlined Navigation: We're simplifying navigation to help you find the features you need quickly, without getting lost in menus.

While we have many exciting ideas for future improvements, we're prioritizing these core functionalities to ensure a smooth and timely transition to the new interface.

A Smooth Transition

We began planning this significant update to Desk-Net's user interface recognizing the importance of a well-structured approach. Extensive groundwork was required behind the scenes before we could launch the first pages.

The journey began with the release of the initial admin area pages. Since then, we've been steadily rolling out new sections every few weeks.

The next exciting milestone is the launch of user-facing pages! This will happen in stages, with the following schedule:

  • Task custom statuses: Users will be able to customize the statuses of their tasks. They will also be able to turn this feature off, or reduce the number of statuses from 5 to 2 or 3.
  • Task custom fields: Users will be able to add custom fields to their tasks, such as a note field to a video, or a single select field to all tasks.
  • Task page
  • Story templates
  • Fast Entry on Story List and Detailed Entry Form.

It is important to note that this is just a roadmap, and the features and release dates could change.

We'll keep you updated on the progress for subsequent features.

Comprehensive audience description

Improved workflow support for editorial and PR is now available. Users can customize workflows based on different status levels for stories, channels, or tasks, along with other features.

We're in the early stages of development, but we plan to gradually introduce the following features:

  • Story templates
  • Topic/campaign templates

These templates will streamline and standardize workflows, enabling faster execution.

Additionally, we're working on multi-step task workflows. Currently, tasks like "Create Image" can be assigned individually and then manually reassigned to others. With our upcoming update, users will be able to define multi-step workflows that can be seamlessly transitioned between users with just a few clicks. 

Users will also have the ability to leave comments for subsequent users as they progress through the multi-level workflows.

These enhancements will optimize workflows for text, image, or video creation, ensuring efficiency and consistency.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our roadmap, please feel free to share your feedback with us at support@desk-net.com. We value your input!

Learn more about our new interface