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Feature Announcement
4 minutes read

We are redesigning the entire user interface of Desk-Net and this is one of the next pages to go live.

Your daily work is fast-paced: breaking news, updating the digital channels regularly with new content, making the print deadline at night, and ensuring your published articles align with your user needs goals. You have tons of content to manage and many tasks to keep track of. It can feel like driving a race car.

The new Story List page gives you the confidence and power to drive safely at top speed. It helps you easily control your daily story flow.

The Story List page in Desk-Net replaces the Long-term Planning page.

We improved the new page by addressing two core dimensions:

  • Flexibility
  • Ease-of-use

Improved flexibility to declutter your view

We’ve introduced flexible grouping and have more options to filter, and sort content lists as needed. Here are some of the new improvements to the page’s flexibility:

Column views

You can select which columns you want to see and in what order they appear, display as many or as few columns as necessary, and adjust the width of the columns.

Adjust your view


The new Story List page has increased the number of filtering options. For example, filtering by Issues. This way, as a magazine publisher you can simply set the date range to “Next 3 issues” and the list is filtered to show those issues no matter their actual date range.


Flexible grouping lets you sort lists by up to two criteria. Select the primary and secondary grouping criteria you would like your lists to be sorted by. For example, you could group the list by Publication date (primary) and then by Story status (secondary).

Manage your story flow with flexible grouping

Custom fields

Filtering, sorting, and grouping by custom fields is now possible. If your newsroom wants to plan content around user needs simply create the field and start using it in your content lists. This significantly helps manage how your team tracks, controls, and addresses user needs. The same could be done for other custom fields like audiences or topics.

Add custom fields to be manage how your newsroom addresses content

Easy editing for fast-paced newsrooms

With the new page, we paid great attention to the needs of users that deal with large amounts of content, and those that work in high-speed environments. 

Now, most fields can be edited right in the list without having to open any extra widgets. Save time by entering a description, selecting a user need, publication, and tasks with just a few clicks. 

Edit on page with the new Desk-Net Story List page

If you need to move a publication date to the next day, it only takes a single click. 

Plan and control the right content

The Story List page lets you manage and coordinate your content efficiently so you can stay on track no matter how fast the news is moving.

All the Desk-Net pages are in the process of being redesigned. Look forward to forthcoming updates, including the Tasks page and Short-term Planning page, which are being significantly improved to enhance your planning processes.

Learn more about our new user interface: Book a demo here.