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Hardy Schmitz - when electronics meets publishing

Hardy Schmitz in Rheine, Germany: Where corporate publishing happens


Publishing is now part and parcel of daily life for companies that would never dream of calling themselves ‘publishers’. There can be few better examples of that than the Hardy Schmitz Group.

A letter from our CEO: Downtime report - Thursday, March 22nd

Dear Desk-Net customers,

As you will probably have noticed Desk-Net was down today for a very long time. We have not experienced such a long downtime during European office hours in our more than eleven years of operation.

For most of you this happened during some of the most busy hours of your daily use of Desk-Net.

Before I explain what happened please accept my sincere apologies for this downtime.

We know you rely on Desk-Net for your day-to-day operations and issues like these can have a significant impact.

How Desk-Net helps Munich Airport publish across dozens of platforms


If you thought airport information systems were limited to arrival and departure boards then Munich Airport has news for you.

One of the most fascinating aspects to emerge from corporate publishing is the quality of stories waiting to be told by companies themselves and Munich Airport is turning out to be something of a star.